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Understanding the Bible and Making It Profitable

Although 88% of American households have a copy of the Bible, only 14% know how to make the Bible profitable. Scripture is God’s gift to us, and He intended for it to be profitable to teach us truth, to keep us on the right path, to train us in righteousness, and to equip us for the good work HE created us to do. But unless we understand the one story of the Bible, and unless we know how to practice four essential spiritual actions steps, the Bible will never become profitable to us. This book will help you understand the one story of the Bible, how the individual stories of the Bible fir into the one story, and how you can find your story in eh one story of the Bible. In addition, it will explain these four essential spiritual actions steps and teach you how to put them into practice in your own life.

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The Diary of a Future Sufferer: How God Uses Scripture to Prepare Us For the Suffering To Come

The Bible promises us that all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, and that we have need of endurance in order to persevere through the trials to come. Knowing that suffering awaits the believer, and knowing that we have need of endurance, we come to the Scriptures so that God can prepare our faith for the days ahead. This book looks at how God uses Scripture to prepare us for the suffering to come. It explores over thirty verses to see how they prepare us for what’s to come.

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D14: A Strategy for Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

The call of a disciple is to become a disciple who makes disciples.One disciple making strategy is Discipleship Groups. D-Groups are groups of three to five people who meet weekly for the express purpose of becoming disciples who make disciples. They covenant to read a set amount of Scripture each week. they agree to practice the spiritual disciples of regular Scripture reading, journaling, Scripture memory, and prayer. they hold each other accountable to be growing in the faith and to be faithful in their Christian walk. they pray each other and for the lost. And they prayerfully consider multiplying to form a group of their own when this D-Group ends.

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If: The Conditionality of the Gospel and the Danger of Apostasy

If. What a little word, and yet it totally changes the meaning of promises. I will buy you a car if… I will marry you if… We will accept you into our program if… When someone makes a promise to you that contains an “if,” you know that promise is based upon certain conditions being me. “if” statements imply conditionality.

According to the Bible, the gospel is an “if” promise. The promises of God are based upon certain conditions being met. The very idea of a conditioned gospel is shocking to a religious society that treats the “sinner’s prayer” as a magic charm, a phrase that once uttered binds God into a promise and yet frees us from the conditions. But God is too wise to be mocked and too holy to be trifled with.

This book explores the biblical teachings of what it really means to be reborn and redeemed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. By examining the Scriptures, it demonstrates that the assurance of our salvation is not based upon a past religious experience but upon our ongoing faith relationship with Christ. It is time the church reacquaint herself with the biblical gospel and do everything we can to make our calling sure. It’s time to rediscover the gospel of “if.”

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Word of God Speak: Understanding the Bible and Hearing God’s Voice

Do you wish you understood the Bible better? Would you like for the Bible to be a more meaningful part of your spiritual journey? It is possible, and WORD OF GOD SPEAK can help.

The very first followers of Christ had an amazing experience with the Scriptures. They actually heard the Spirit of God speak to them through the Scripture writings, and God used them to teach them truth, keep them on the right path, train them in righteousness, and equip them for the good work He created them to do. To them, the Bible was living and active and a meaningful part of their spiritual journey.

But something happened along the way. Today, the majority of believers never read the Bible outside of a church service, if even then. Many have given up trying to understand the Bible. And sadly, many believers never experience the Spirit of God speaking words of life into their soul as they read the Bible.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, that was not God’s design for His Scripture. He intended for it to be “profitable” for the spiritual vitality of believers. For far too many, the Bible is anything but profitable.

There are two primary reasons why so many believers do not have a life changing experience as they read the Bible. First, many do not understand that the Bible is really one story, the one story of God’s relationship with creation. It is not a collection of disconnected stories. On the contrary, it is one glorious story, a story in which we all play a role.

Word of God Speak will help you understand this one story, and help you understand how the individual “stories” fit into the one story of the Bible. It will also help you find your story, the story of your relationship with God, in the one large story of God’s Word.

Dr. Pylant tells the story of the Bible in nine “acts,” each with a major character and theme. He also helps you to see which books of the Bible tell the story of that act, and how it relates to the overall story. And he helps you see how you can read the entire story in light of the new covenant of grace that was brought into the story by the death of Christ on the cross for our sins.

But the reason that many believers do not have a meaningful relationship with the Bible goes beyond understanding. The Bible cannot be read like a theological textbook or a history book. The Bible is the living word, the very breath of God. But to open our ears to His voice, we must learn some very basic spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines are those daily practices that put us in the pathway of God’s grace. The essential disciplines of daily Bible reading, meditation, Scripture memory, and prayer are the keys to a life changing relationship with God’s word.

WORD OF GOD SPEAK will challenge you to develop these basic disciplines by suggested daily Bible readings for each chapter, by introducing you to a method of journaling that is simple but life changing, and by giving suggested memory verses for each act of the story.

WORD OF GOD SPEAK is full of information that will enable your relationship with the Word of God. The book explains what it means for the Bible to be inspired by God, and it helps you to understand the process of translating the original languages into English and why there are so many different translations. It also explains the ten most important principles of interpretation so that we can accurately handle the Word of God.

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